What are Freeze Dried Candy & Ice Cream?

Freeze-dried candy is a type of confectionery that undergoes a preservation process called freeze drying. During this process, the candy is rapidly frozen and then subjected to a vacuum environment, causing the water content to sublimate directly from ice to vapor without passing through the liquid phase. This results in a crispy, airy texture while maintaining the candy's original flavor, color, and nutritional properties.

Freeze-dried ice cream is also known as astronaut ice cream and follows a similar process. It starts as regular ice cream, but instead of being served frozen, it's freeze-dried, removing the water content while preserving the creamy texture and flavor. The result is a lightweight, crunchy treat that retains the taste of traditional ice cream without the need for refrigeration. Freeze-dried ice cream has been popularized by its use as space food for astronauts, and makes for a great treat on-the-go with its unique texture and portability.